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Cultists Leave Haunting Message

Today, Weazel News received a flash drive with a video detailing what appears to be a gruesome act that some might consider possibly unhinged at least and horrifically brutal to most.

Clip showing the killers attacking Daniel Foster

By now, it’s spread over twitter and other websites as the video shows the execution of an unknown man by two individuals, both in clown masks. The tone of the recorder’s voice is soft yet emotionless.

The note alleges the victim is one Daniel Foster, local literary critic in the city. The killer, going by the alias “T m O d” and “Bongo” seem like common thugs.

Which is where Weazel News has a letter to these would-be psycho killers.

This pathetic act of terror against our city will be met with swift justice. If it is a gross prank, be warned that we do not take it lightly nor find it funny. If this is indeed a real threat, than know that you are nothing more than cowards hiding behind your masks.

We are asking the city for help in catching these criminals on their pointless agenda, and we will cooperate with the police in apprehending the killers and bringing them to swift justice for Mr. Foster and his family.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this situation as it develops.