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Coffee Shop Opened For Business

George Corlone’s Coffee Shop

Awe, coffee. We can’t get enough and we sure as hell can’t live without it. Millions of New Yorkers drink this irresistible brew daily. We drink it on the go, during boring meetings to keep us awake. We need it to function, but we also love our coffee shops. Thank God we have one! George Corlone’s Coffee Shop, located across from Legion has a new owner and its ready for you to stop by! It’s the only coffee shop, specializing in special brews. Jamaican Roast, Turkish coffee, and Italian Roast, are only a few of the large selection available. Come sit down in a beautiful and spacious sitting area, with the perfect view of downtown. They only use fresh and high quality ingredients, fresh baked bread for their sandwiches and snacks. Come by for happy hour where you get your coffee at a discounted price! The bonus to all of this: THEY MAKE DELIVERIES!!! The head barista, George Simpson will take your order, and will proudly prepare your group order for delivery!