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Civilian Rivalry Turns Deadly?

A Civilian named Barry Scott came up to this man called Stevo Miller while he is on his bike. When Mr. Scott came up to Mr. Miller called him a “Irish potato c**t”, he stabbed him repeatedly, and according to Mr. Miller, “he is out of control and needs to be in prisoned”, How did this all start? Is what you may be asking, “How did this all start?” Well according to Mr. Miller this all started from drama on the so-called “Twitter” app, which is growing as more and more people join the application. and Mr. Barry Scott said he wouldn’t drink whiskey as “it tastes like sh*t”. This twitter beef is nothing new to the two, they have apparently been arguing and fighting for a while now according to Mr. Stevo Miller.

FDNY just driving by!

Still no cops have done anything about it they just dont react or care about it, There was plenty in the city and one passed us while he was on the ground too! After waiting for about 10-15 minutes, EMS arrived in a Tahoe, they said “We cant take him” a white man dressed up all fancy started to jump out of the tahoe attend him and the EMS person that was driving the Tahoe just left him! The EMS returned later but why would they just leave a man in distress, possibly dying like that! Where the hell did they go to school? If this is how all the Paramedics act then we will start to see deaths all over New York, does the FDNY really care about the citizens of New York? If they really did they would of stayed and transported the person instead of taking there time to go and switch vehicles.