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City’s Country Club is Ready to Make Your Next Event Special

Pacific Bluffs Country Club

June 13, 2020

Imagine this: you are a business man/woman, trying to impress a prospective client. You need somewhere classy, well kept, and pleasing to the eyes. You know your multi-million dollar deal is riding on one principle: You only have one chance to make a good impression. Where do you go? Who is knowledgeable enough to plan such an important event? Look no further than Pacific Bluffs Country Club! I decided to start brand new news segment where I focus weekly on local entertainment, night life, and lifestyle. The goal: bring the positives of the city into the spotlight. I was honored to interview someone close to me: George Simpson!

Pacific Bluffs Country Club is a three story entertainment mecca located near the beach. It’s respectably one the best venues to host your outdoor events. Wedding receptions, business meetings, birthday parties, are only a few of the many of occasions that the country club host.

George Simpson, is the General Manager there. I asked what makes this event center so special.

“We do everything here. We created packages that cater to your specific needs. Everything is exclusive and included. Your DJ, food and drink comes with your package. You can enjoy jet skying or a romantic picnic on the beach. We have as you see a two sided bar, ready to serve you and your guests.”

To book your next spectacular event, please contact George Simpson: 511-6828 or owner Alfie Warrens: 862-5282.