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Citizen’s Report: Power Rangers now officially evil.

In a recent surprise in the borough of Bronx. Local citizens of New York were beset upon by the one and only Power Rangers™. The Power Rangers™ have been out of the business since their final airing in 2002. The Power Rangers™ have finally resorted to new avenues of monetary gain to cover their losses over the last 18 years. Several unfortunate citizens found themself under siege and threat of these dangerous baseball bat wielding psychopaths.

Witness reports in the area have stated they heard the following from the Power Rangers™ themselves.


Blue Power Ranger

Not much is known about their motives or their clear desire for the violence that their production company previously disallowed whilst recording on set. Locals in the area were robbed and instilled with the fear that their childhood heroes have turned to crime and violence to fuel their means for the ‘good ol days’.

Later in the day, the Power Rangers™ were found to be in a heated battle underneath Olympic Freeway in a dangerously high stakes charge against local law enforcement. As one can assume, this ended up in a bloodbath with many Power Rangers™ outfits covered in blood, shame and nostalgia for another Power Rangers series™