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Blooper Reels Ep 2 Alien Car Part 3

Here is another episode of my new news segment Blooper Reels

Failed Police Chase Coverage: New Blooper Reels Segment

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been reporting for awhile, and let’s just say, it isn’t always peaches…

The Cau Mau Trial

Here the trial of Weazel News Reporter Cau Mau. He was found not guilty.

Trial of the Year: Serial Killer Lex Harkon

View discretion is advised. This is the trial of the infamous serial killer Professor Lex Harkon.

An Interview With A Serial Killer’s Victim Part 1

A few weeks ago, you my viewers experienced a once in a lifetime event: an interview…

Journalist Held Hostage by Terrorist Group

What you are about to see is disturbing, it is disheartening, and hard to fathom. However…

Suspected Serial Killer Bond Hearing

Below is the bond hearing for Professor Lex Harkon, alleged serial killer. The following video may…

Weazel News First Official Hostage Standoff!

You heard it here first, folks! A local gunman named Mr Mercer recently kidnapped and involved…

LivePD 5-01-20

Here is a LivePD viedo I forgot about!

K9 Dead & 2 NYPD Units Injured in Horrific Gas Pump Accident