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Casino Shootout – Has gambling addictions gone too far?

Today Weazel News reporter Uncle Terry responded to a series of calls at the infamous Diamond Casino. Upon arrival there were police vehicles scattered everywhere and civilians evacuated from the premises. An unknown individual was slumped bleeding on the floor riddled with large caliber automatic shots outside of the casino. Officer Frank Woods provided medical for the individual where F.D.N.Y arrived on scene and brought the individual to immediate intense care. Uncle Terry interviews Officer Frank Woods, asking him a handful of questions on the situation at hand and actions the N.Y.P.D are taking to reduce gun crime and a simple game of blackjack ruining lives. Officer Frank Woods informed the reporter on scene that the incident is currently being investigated by the N.Y.P.D and anyone with information regarding the incident shall contact the police via 911. Mr Woods also mentioned the casino being rigged and that lives are being ruined on a daily basis due to this. It has been nothing but disruption for civilians, a stop has to be put to this casino as we await a response from the owner.