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Bourgeois Billionaire demands justice!

Local Billionaire, Alfie Warrens and his son become victim to daring double kidnapping

In a daring set of events that have unfolded no less than a week ago. Alfie Warrens, prestige lawyer turned Afro-enthusiast billionaire has been kidnapped alongside his son by a mysterious group of Russians deadset on the ruination of Mr Warren’s reputation as a law-abiding philanthropist.

After recently taking over ownership of the Pacific Bluffs Country Club, Mr Warrens was taking his son for a visit to show off his latest property acquisition in hopes they may take over as the successor to the Warrens fortune.

Pacific Bluffs Country Club – Estimated Value: $10,000,000

During the relaxing walk around the club, Alfie Warrens and his son were ambushed and kidnapped right out the hands of the country club’s security team. Jason Welleck, Pacific Bluff’s Security Manager declined to comment on the matter.

After many hours of being held in what was to be described as a dark room. Mr Warrens was forced to take a injected solution else they would cause harm to his son in the room.

“If you don’t take this (what we gave you) up north. We’re gonna kill your son.” – Alfie’s statement of the Russian demand

The solution resulted in episodes of hysteria and eventually his unconsciousness. Mr Warrens awoke to a five-inch wide stitched wound in his stomach and a chance at escaping freedom. Mr Warrens and his son escaped only to be pulled over by law enforcement due to a warrant placed for his arrest prior at a crime scene. In his fit of hysteria, he took off and was rammed off the road. In the follow up medical examination, a bag with blue contents only to be described as methamphetamine was found in his stomach wound.

Mr Warrens described the warrant as unjust. He claimed the crime scene as a “set up” due to bullet casings at the scene linking to a gun of his as well as a motorcycle under his name with him having no knowledge of either of those items ever being known to be lost due to theft.

At this time, the NYPD does have a strict policy of stolen property must be reported in-person to an officer before the owner of the vehicle is no longer a person of interest in crimes using vehicles or weapons registered under the owner’s name.

“I didn’t even realise that my bike was stolen, or that no gun was found at this crime scene. I think it was the Russians or some other group trying to set me up” – Alfie

An officer commented “The officer that arrested him was John Judah, it had his badge number on the report. The warrant had like no information on it.”

Alfie, confident in his understanding of law from his prior career as a public defender has a plan to take this to court and fight the charges against him.

Will Alfie Warrens achieved justice against those that wronged him?