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Bank Robbery on Vinewood Blvd

On 7/25/2022, MRPD had an interesting encounter. A bank robbery occurred with a wild story attached to it. Weazel news arrived on scene to see four police cars and two civilian cars. The facts are still not clear of whose cars were involved but the following are the current facts that we have as of now.

Four suspects kidnapped Pete Johnson, a homeless man who had lost everything. He is divorced and has no money to his name. Pete thought the city was being kind to him tonight because he had been given money, rides, and food as he was walking around Legion Square, the four suspects offered to give him a ride. He didn’t hesitate because he had nowhere to go as his home/car was out of gas. Little did he know, this ride would end in Pete becoming a hostage. 

The four suspects forced him into the bank with a gun pointed at his head. Pete is scared for his life at this point. Thought everything was over and he had just given up. They didn’t cause any physical pain to Pete, however, they did cause loads of mental stress to him.

When MRPD showed up on scene, negotiation started between the bank robbers. There appeared to be a middleman that can be seen with no shirt and red pants. It’s still unclear what was said between everyone and what truly happened, but unfortunately, negotiations did not go to plan. Pete was released but the four other suspects were able to flee the scene in the getaway car parked out front. At the time of this article, the suspects have not been caught and are still on the run.